Hamlet Process or escape to reality.

Republic of Moldova has one of the highest amount of inmates per capita in Europe, including the highest rate of the longterm convicted. To shed a light on the issues of penitentiary system, art centre “Coliseum” made a play in most secured prison (penitentiary for lifers nr17) in country. For several months inmates were studying the craft of acting to perform on the same level together with professionals from National Theatre. 
All the inmates are the lifers and some of them stayed more than half of their life in prison. Through this play directors Mihai Fusu and Luminita Ticu aimed to draw attention to conditions of lifers in Moldova, to penitentiary system as whole and most important people’s stereotypes. 
Inmates and their right to be changed is tabu topic among people and paired with poor economical conditions and corrupted institutions it leaves no chances for those who wants to be changed and forgiven. 

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