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me a sun?"

After USSR breakdown, tensions between Moldova and the unrecognised state of Dniester river left bank escalated into a military conflict that started in March 1992 and was concluded by a ceasefire in July 1992. As part of that agreement, a three-party (Russia, Moldova, Transnistria) Joint Control Commission supervises the security arrangements in the demilitarised zone, comprising twenty localities on both sides of the river. Although the ceasefire has held, the territory’s political status remains unresolved: Transnistria is an unrecognised but independent presidential republic with its own government, parliament, military, police, postal system, and currency. Its authorities have adopted a constitution, flag, national anthem, and coat of arms. Being born and raised in this de facto state I decided to document it, but then faced the fact that I started to picture it in the same cliche-istic manner as foreign media show it, to ourselves also. So I decided to go deeper and abstract myself from post soviet oddity of unrecognised state and focus on it as on the region I grew up in. Is it a home of mine or not, do other people feel themselves at home or at temporary place which they would leave for reliable one if only they could? I don't pretend to answer the questions but at least want to be closer to understand why the bank of my childhood is the left one.
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transnistria, moldova
Girl standing in central square of Ribnita during prom manifestation.
Main square of Ribnita city, second biggest biggest industrial centre of Transnistrian region.
Last bell manifestation in Ribnita, Transnistria
Katerine and Alexander during their walk on river bank. Ribnita, Transnistria
Katrine with her mother at their courtyard. Ribnita, Transnistria
An alley in Ribnita. Transnistria
Katrine and Alexander watering garden together. Ribnita, Transnistria
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Katrine and Alexander rest in the room at Katrine's parents house in Ribnita. Transnistrian Region. Republic of Moldova.
Alexander shaves head before his millitary service. Ribnita, Transnistria
Katerine and Alexander during his day of millitary service. Ribnita, Transnistria
Alexander staring on a bridge acros Dniester river. Ribnita, Transnistrian region.

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