Democratic party protest newly elected government in Moldova.

In June 2019, Moldova was plunged into a constitutional crisis following parliamentary elections in February of that year which did not give any of the three largest parties a clear majority. The Party of Socialists came out on top with 31% while the NOW Platform (aka ACUM) received 26% of the vote and the incumbent Democratic Party, led by controversial businessman Vladimir Plahotniuc, came third with 23%. After months of uncertainty the NOW Platform and the Socialists agreed to form a new government but the previous administration under the Democratic Party refused to accept the new coalition government and to surrender the offices of state. This impasse has resulted in an unusual situation where two parties with very different visions for the future of their country - NOW Platform favouring closer ties with the European Union, the Socialists wanting to stay aligned with Russia - agreeing to form a government to oppose the overweening Plahotniuc who is accused of extending his influence throughout the government and the constitutional court.

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